Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Experience During Drama Fair

The whole PIP just had one more week to English Drama Fair. My group was not even prepared with anything. All i have was a mask for me where i was going to act as the beast in my fairy tail story. I bought that mask at Central market in KL. At the same time i was chosen as one of the player for the rugby team representing Mara Professional College Bandar Penawar at the Close K.P.M. rugby competition held that Saturday until Sunday at K.P.M. Branang, and our drama was on the Tuesday where i just have one day off to prepare for that night after i get back from the rugby competition. Before i left my group, i manage to do my part as the script writer and came out with quite a compact and easy to be understand dialog and shared among my group members. We practised quite hard for the a few days before i left them. My rugby team played well, but pitty us the winning was not on our side to be the champion instead we just got 3rd overall and categorised as the winner for BOWL. I was really tired after i got back from that competition but still,I had to fight my tiredness and perform well for the drama fair to get an "A" which was 10% for my carry marks for my English subject. I was really happy with my group because they manage to cooperate with me and did what I asked them to do before i left them. My narrators prepared their props and so as the beauty,merchant and the old lady, where we played a story entitled "Beauty and the Beast". We manage to prepare for a few more touches until the final night( TUESDAY ). My heart was pumping really fast, faster then anything that you could ever imagine, guess what i forgot to print out. The Folio!. I thought it was my friends task to print it out but than she gave the pendrive to me without telling me. I was really pissed off that time but I didn't mention it to her. I quickly went to my friends dorm and asked him for a favor by printing out the folio that is needed by the lecturer before we could start our play. They all waited for me. I didn't bring my phone along when i went to print that folio. The time was showing 10 more minutes to 8.30 P.M. I ran to the hall with my unbuttoned long sleave, with a very tired face and sweaty at the same time passed that folio to my friend and told my group to get ready insted I was the only one left not ready at all. The other group members thought that I slept until my look was so messy. All i wanted that time was to get an "A" and finish that drama thing. Minute by minute passed. The judge blew her wistle more than twice already but my play was still on until the sound of the kompang was played meaning that the beauty and the beast got married. My group assembled and introduced our character's. We stood straight and hoped that a good comment would be given to us AND atleast ask 1 or 2 questions, But insted the mean and ugly judges furthermore the most fattes lecturer of them all just gave a very unplesent smile and said "Ouh!,Your story is too long TQ. The next group may proceed."(Who eats Chilli, They feel hot) What does that mean.?! Please dont be unProfressional even though i don't know what the hell im talking about, but atleast communicate with us so that we can get rid off our stage fright, thats how we learn people. HELLO!. Give us a chance. We too have feelings alright. Okei, I'm done being emotional. Other than that, i'm also not satisfied about the mark that was given by our lecturer. How can the other lecturer give their students 10/10 and he cant. How unfair is that, it's not that were not gratefull with the mark he gave us but, poor to the student's that can't score well in their final exam. Isn't 10% is like a bonus for the other classes already?. To me it's a head start for the other classes to pass. Forgive me for being such an unkind person to who ever is reading this post. I hope i could do better in everything that i do and be among the best so that I can be an example to others to follow and lastly Thank You Mr.Bayu for helping me out with my english writing. I think without your help I wouldn't never be able to write any essy this long. I don't know if this is called an essy. But thank you very much.!

Thursday, October 8, 2009



What i did during this raya. I arrived at home around 1 O'clock from my college. As usual every body wakes up early in the morning to get ready to go to the mosque to perform their Solat Aidilfitri, but i didn't sleep that night, i stayed up because i was busy doing my assignment but didn't finish them all. After my mum and dad woke up that morning i took my bath and woke my small brother up to get ready. Normally I have to help my mum clean the house before that special day come, but not this year because everything was done and helped by my small brother. So all i did was make up messes in my room. After everyone took thier bath we drove the car and we out the house around 7.45am. The mosque was quite full and we took our places even though it was very crouded that time. We finished our prayer around 10 and head home. I didn't go anywhere that day. After I seek forgiveness from my family I went to my room and had my long nap till the afternoon. The next day, I went to my old work place where my manager is still working which is at Baskin's & Robins and met with afew new stuff's that was working that time. We got along and chatted with each other while waiting for my step sister which is the manager of that shop. Actually the reason i went there was just to get the internet wireless and get a few ideas for my drama "Beauty and the Beast" through the internet where I will be acting as the Beast in a few more weeks time. I know it's kindda wierd because everybody that time surely was busy spending their time with their family but i wasn't. Nevermine, I have my own goal for my life and family. After I finished with my work at Baskins and Robins, I quickly packed my stuff's and went home to have my dinner, until the next day i was invited to my friends open house at Taman Bahagia,Her friend fetched me and we went togather to her house. The next day, I was invited to another open house which stayed just near by my area.
My raya this time was not that happening but it still does'nt matter because I'm just fine with everything. I did nothing until the day i went back to my college, but still I love my Life.

Monday, September 7, 2009

On My Way Back To College

It was on the 30th of August. Just a day before my birthday, with a very upset feeling I had to leave home and head back to my college where i am staying. My bus was about to leave 10 o'clock sharp from Pudu Raya bus station. Luckily my dad was willing to send me because i told i him that would be late if i take the bus. I had my friends ticket with me, she arrived at Pudu abit earlier and manage to pursuit the driver to wait for afew minutes for me. After i arrived, my brother quickly took out a piece of paper that he was holding from home till we reached pudu. I didn't have the time to open the piece of paper that he gave to me, I just kept it inside my backpack. Before I went out of the car I kissed my dad,mum and my brother. Then i quickly rushed out and went to my friend and waited with her where the driver told us to wait. After 5 hours ride to Johor Baharu, we arrived around 4.00PM. Me and my friend had to wait for the other bus that was going at 5.00PM to Bandar Penawar. While i was waiting, I remembered that my small brother gaved me something when I was about to leave the car. I opened my backpack and searched for it. I slowly opened it and read it word by word. He wrote,

To: R.D.K.@

For all those times you stood by me,
For all the truth you made me see,
For all the joy you brought to my life,
For all the wrong that you made right,
Your the one who help me up,
Your the one who saw me through it all,
You saw the best there was in me,
You gave me faith that you belived,
I lost my faith you gave it back to me,
You stood by me and i stand up tall,
I'm gratefull for each day you gave me,
Maybe i dont know that much but i know,
That this much is true,
You were always there for me,
You've been my inspiration,
Through the lies you were the truth,
My world is a better place because of you.....

We fight, we shout, we do a lot of stuff together you make me cry.But you say the truth. You are my favorite "BROTHER" cause we've been together forever but you got to go. Just want to say "I LOVE YOU" hope you'll have a great Birthday even though we may not celebrate it.

From: ay@n

He wrote me this, I didn't expect that he was going to do something for me, because he usually doesn't. I was happy and touched with his words and how he makes me as his MENTOR in my family among my brother's. Thank you very much small brother!
I showed the letter to my friend and she said that its nice to have a brother that's willing to tell the truth about themselves. All I want to say is study well and be your self ayan,and i my self will straggle to prove to my family im not a failure.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Perfect Holiday

Everybody has their own perfect moment while gathering with their families.
Mine goes like this.

I had my perfect moment when i was in Sabah.The day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri came approach.I celebrated that day with my uncle's and auntie's from my father's side.Lamps and fire torches was lighten up around our house near by the sea shore.Together me and my cousins helped my mum with the house cleaning and putted a few things that haven't been touched up yet.After we finished our work out side the house,the mother's were busy while the father's help in the kitchen preparing the food for our dinner.
My brother and my other little cousins played with fireworks while the teenagers played with the bamboo canon.we had fun playing with it making big sounds and noises.Luckily my uncle was one of the police man so we didn't get any charges for making the noises,kinda like that rule.Luckily he was not on duty that time. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to join us having the most fun time ever with my family,his usually busy with his work,arresting bad guys around some areas. Other then that I was happy that my dad got his off day during that period. He was able to fly back right on time from Papua New Guinea to Sabah(Love you dad). I was also happy because he didn't just came back with empty handed(presents came).My mum was the most happy person when my dad entered the house and said "hello Humans". She left her work and straight away ran towards my dad. Hugging and tears started to come out. I hugged my mum and dad straight away after i saw my mum's tears came out.Just couldn't bare to watch my mum cry,I don't know what was my purpose joining my mums and dads happy moment,I guess maybe because i just wanted to fit in the hugging situation(no other intentions okei).

Kinda relived that fasting month was leaving us already that morning.We woke up early and took turns using the bathroom,preparing our selves for the morning prayer for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We went to the mosque in a few cars,it was really squashy during the ride,but it didn't really matter because it was exciting with 1 tiara we fitted like sardines about 2 adults and 8 kids in it. Just couldn't imagine how i got my self into that car with my cousins

After The Prayer

We head back to my house and started to ask forgiveness from each other.
My cousins and me couldn't wait to collect our DUIT RAYA. We were so excited that time and got ready to go to the beach way up near Papar where it was near my uncles village.Our journey took around 1 hour to reach to that beach.After we reached at the beach,we packed down the things from the car and load it down on the ground.We all helped each other and quickly took their cloths off and went into the salty sea.We had barbique,played games,took photos,ate and also played a contest.I took part and it was a tag of war,where we had to swim and chased each other in the water,we also made sand castles and ate finishes that was caught by my brother..Haha! funny because it was a pick-nick gathering and my brother still brings along his fishing rod. In the afternoon we got back home and by the next day my uncles,aunties,and cousins had to head back to their place because they too had to celebrate with their other side of their family.

Anyway it was really a exciting with all my cousins around coming to celebrate Raya with my family and most of the time we rearly have the time to gather up like that time. It's been years i have not gone back to Sabah,I guess maybe after i get my DEGREE then only i will see my cousins that are still there in Sabah..

Through out my whole life ,
that moment was the most Perfect Holiday Ever!
Love my family Very much!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Daily Life In KPMBP

Daily Activities
Now i have been staying over here for 1 month and a few weeks already..
The things that i do often over here is. I go for classes,rugby practice,choir practice and drama play where my team will perform for sukma in the month of September. I too have to focus and study a lot at the same time because i have my mid-term exam a week after i get back from my mid-term break which is just around the corner.

During My Free Period
Usually when there's a break between my 1st and the 2ND period of class,i head to my room to take a little nap because i sometimes feel sleepy in class when i try to focus on what the lecturer is trying to explain. This is due to my self for not able to sleep well at night.

My Mum Misses Me
My mum calls me during the night because she's scared that she might disturb my whole day over here but actually not at all..

Busy Week And Fell Sick
This week has been a quite busy week,i already have piles and piles of cloths waiting for its turn to be washed by my hands with soap,this is because i fell sick,had cough and flu. Thought that i got the H1N1 disease,but i manage to overcome it with the pills and medicines that i took from the Doctor over here. My temperature before i was quarantined by this college was 39.1,it was quite high and i was a little scared about it. After i got out my temperature dropped to normal again 36.7.Yeay!I'm not sick.

Happy me
To my lecturers assignment, luckily they haven't ask for anything that needs to be handed out yet. Phew.....Soon there's an assignment that we need to perform a short story play in front of all the PIP student and seniors and the Deputy Director,Were gonna be doomed.
I have a group already,and i want an "A" for it. Anyway,who doesn't want one. Just need to work hard and try my best in every single thing.

What Sir Bayu needs to know about me

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!!!

My name is ARDIKA MOHAMMAD,I'm now away from my family to further my studies in Johor Baharu,Bandar Penawar taking Preparatory Intensive Program(PIP) now. My goal after i finish my PIP course is,i would like to continue my studies in Kuantan Pahang taking Diploma In English Communication(DE COMM).The reason i choose this DE COMM course is because i can see my future up ahead me is very bright with an advantage in my language speaking,I am sure that i will become a person that can bring up hope to my family in becoming somebody,other then that.I am also sure,this dream of mine won't be a hard challenge for me in building up my self confident furthermore in becoming a successful man and as family leader(FATHER).Before this i had no attention to study yet because had no choice other than taking form 6.

All my friend's that were staying in Subang Jaya told me that form6 is quite tuff and its not easy to perform furthermore with the busy city situation over there.But in some how after a few day in the month of June,i received a few offer letter from College Poly-Tech Mara and Polytechnic. The subject that were offered to me was Pra Perdagangan and Mechanical Engineering which is also quite hard for me to handle where i need to give more concentration as well i don't have any basics at all in chemistry,physics,and also add maths. I am very lucky to have a friend,it was a she who introduced me all about this KPM. She and her mom explained how good this college is and they were very sure that i will be a successful person one day if i give my 100% effort this time in my studies.

After being brain washed,i had this confident coming out deep inside me.My ambition wanting to be somebody came out gloaming in a sudden,and just waiting for the perfect time to burst out.

OK,firstly let me talk a little bit about my self. I like to have fun and enjoy with the things i do alone.Most of the time people rearly see me walking or hanging out with boys. But actually i don't really like those who are typical minded,who likes to think what are things that aren't supposed to be think ed of..I never cared about what people think about me,because i my self know that not all human beings are perfect,so that's why i just ignore what they want to talk about me,for i am just a normal person like them nothing extra special ho ho..Everybody has a favorite colour,i my self have a few colours that i like such as blue,red,and green. Hmm, during my free period at home,i usually hang out with my friends when I'm board.I spend my time at the Cyber Cafe with my friends and some times i and my friends jog and swim in the pool where it is just a few minutes from my block.I most of the time go out cycling with my sister in the weekends to realize my tension. But i get exhausted easy with my sister because shes a Malaysian cyclist and I'm not. So to follow her paste in cycling its quite hard for me,when I'm left behind i just head to the nearest petrol station and wait for her to make a U turn,where i have been left behind. It happens to me all the time..But still i never cared about it. Other then running,swimming,and cycling,i too love mountain climbing.I have climbed a few mountains already such as,Gunung Ledang,Gunung Korbu,Gunung Nuang and Gunung Tahan my previous school teacher named Mr. Aizam who's a discipline teacher. He often brings me along to join the school activity. Because of my healthy body condition,he made me became his assistant in helping any of the student in going up nor down the mountain and giving them fully support while their in a down some..I became his assistant after he saw how i manage to help a friend of mine and handle a few groups that were nearly lost.I am so lucky to have a brave heart in going through all difficulties in life. I come from a normal number of family which i am the 5Th among 6 of my brother's and sister's.i have 4 brother's and 2 sister's.Three of my siblings are already married.My sister who just got married with a German-Swiss man is leaving Malaysia within a few more minutes.I received a call from my mum just then.Luckily i had a chance to talk with my sister and my brother in-law before they left,i wished them and congrats them again for the last time.I cried for awhile and prayed for their happiness.Now I'm hopping that once they get back to Malaysia they will bring along a new born baby With a name like me..