Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Daily Life In KPMBP

Daily Activities
Now i have been staying over here for 1 month and a few weeks already..
The things that i do often over here is. I go for classes,rugby practice,choir practice and drama play where my team will perform for sukma in the month of September. I too have to focus and study a lot at the same time because i have my mid-term exam a week after i get back from my mid-term break which is just around the corner.

During My Free Period
Usually when there's a break between my 1st and the 2ND period of class,i head to my room to take a little nap because i sometimes feel sleepy in class when i try to focus on what the lecturer is trying to explain. This is due to my self for not able to sleep well at night.

My Mum Misses Me
My mum calls me during the night because she's scared that she might disturb my whole day over here but actually not at all..

Busy Week And Fell Sick
This week has been a quite busy week,i already have piles and piles of cloths waiting for its turn to be washed by my hands with soap,this is because i fell sick,had cough and flu. Thought that i got the H1N1 disease,but i manage to overcome it with the pills and medicines that i took from the Doctor over here. My temperature before i was quarantined by this college was 39.1,it was quite high and i was a little scared about it. After i got out my temperature dropped to normal again 36.7.Yeay!I'm not sick.

Happy me
To my lecturers assignment, luckily they haven't ask for anything that needs to be handed out yet. Phew.....Soon there's an assignment that we need to perform a short story play in front of all the PIP student and seniors and the Deputy Director,Were gonna be doomed.
I have a group already,and i want an "A" for it. Anyway,who doesn't want one. Just need to work hard and try my best in every single thing.

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