Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Sir Bayu needs to know about me

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!!!

My name is ARDIKA MOHAMMAD,I'm now away from my family to further my studies in Johor Baharu,Bandar Penawar taking Preparatory Intensive Program(PIP) now. My goal after i finish my PIP course is,i would like to continue my studies in Kuantan Pahang taking Diploma In English Communication(DE COMM).The reason i choose this DE COMM course is because i can see my future up ahead me is very bright with an advantage in my language speaking,I am sure that i will become a person that can bring up hope to my family in becoming somebody,other then that.I am also sure,this dream of mine won't be a hard challenge for me in building up my self confident furthermore in becoming a successful man and as family leader(FATHER).Before this i had no attention to study yet because had no choice other than taking form 6.

All my friend's that were staying in Subang Jaya told me that form6 is quite tuff and its not easy to perform furthermore with the busy city situation over there.But in some how after a few day in the month of June,i received a few offer letter from College Poly-Tech Mara and Polytechnic. The subject that were offered to me was Pra Perdagangan and Mechanical Engineering which is also quite hard for me to handle where i need to give more concentration as well i don't have any basics at all in chemistry,physics,and also add maths. I am very lucky to have a friend,it was a she who introduced me all about this KPM. She and her mom explained how good this college is and they were very sure that i will be a successful person one day if i give my 100% effort this time in my studies.

After being brain washed,i had this confident coming out deep inside me.My ambition wanting to be somebody came out gloaming in a sudden,and just waiting for the perfect time to burst out.

OK,firstly let me talk a little bit about my self. I like to have fun and enjoy with the things i do alone.Most of the time people rearly see me walking or hanging out with boys. But actually i don't really like those who are typical minded,who likes to think what are things that aren't supposed to be think ed of..I never cared about what people think about me,because i my self know that not all human beings are perfect,so that's why i just ignore what they want to talk about me,for i am just a normal person like them nothing extra special ho ho..Everybody has a favorite colour,i my self have a few colours that i like such as blue,red,and green. Hmm, during my free period at home,i usually hang out with my friends when I'm board.I spend my time at the Cyber Cafe with my friends and some times i and my friends jog and swim in the pool where it is just a few minutes from my block.I most of the time go out cycling with my sister in the weekends to realize my tension. But i get exhausted easy with my sister because shes a Malaysian cyclist and I'm not. So to follow her paste in cycling its quite hard for me,when I'm left behind i just head to the nearest petrol station and wait for her to make a U turn,where i have been left behind. It happens to me all the time..But still i never cared about it. Other then running,swimming,and cycling,i too love mountain climbing.I have climbed a few mountains already such as,Gunung Ledang,Gunung Korbu,Gunung Nuang and Gunung Tahan my previous school teacher named Mr. Aizam who's a discipline teacher. He often brings me along to join the school activity. Because of my healthy body condition,he made me became his assistant in helping any of the student in going up nor down the mountain and giving them fully support while their in a down some..I became his assistant after he saw how i manage to help a friend of mine and handle a few groups that were nearly lost.I am so lucky to have a brave heart in going through all difficulties in life. I come from a normal number of family which i am the 5Th among 6 of my brother's and sister's.i have 4 brother's and 2 sister's.Three of my siblings are already married.My sister who just got married with a German-Swiss man is leaving Malaysia within a few more minutes.I received a call from my mum just then.Luckily i had a chance to talk with my sister and my brother in-law before they left,i wished them and congrats them again for the last time.I cried for awhile and prayed for their happiness.Now I'm hopping that once they get back to Malaysia they will bring along a new born baby With a name like me..

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