Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Perfect Holiday

Everybody has their own perfect moment while gathering with their families.
Mine goes like this.

I had my perfect moment when i was in Sabah.The day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri came approach.I celebrated that day with my uncle's and auntie's from my father's side.Lamps and fire torches was lighten up around our house near by the sea shore.Together me and my cousins helped my mum with the house cleaning and putted a few things that haven't been touched up yet.After we finished our work out side the house,the mother's were busy while the father's help in the kitchen preparing the food for our dinner.
My brother and my other little cousins played with fireworks while the teenagers played with the bamboo canon.we had fun playing with it making big sounds and noises.Luckily my uncle was one of the police man so we didn't get any charges for making the noises,kinda like that rule.Luckily he was not on duty that time. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to join us having the most fun time ever with my family,his usually busy with his work,arresting bad guys around some areas. Other then that I was happy that my dad got his off day during that period. He was able to fly back right on time from Papua New Guinea to Sabah(Love you dad). I was also happy because he didn't just came back with empty handed(presents came).My mum was the most happy person when my dad entered the house and said "hello Humans". She left her work and straight away ran towards my dad. Hugging and tears started to come out. I hugged my mum and dad straight away after i saw my mum's tears came out.Just couldn't bare to watch my mum cry,I don't know what was my purpose joining my mums and dads happy moment,I guess maybe because i just wanted to fit in the hugging situation(no other intentions okei).

Kinda relived that fasting month was leaving us already that morning.We woke up early and took turns using the bathroom,preparing our selves for the morning prayer for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We went to the mosque in a few cars,it was really squashy during the ride,but it didn't really matter because it was exciting with 1 tiara we fitted like sardines about 2 adults and 8 kids in it. Just couldn't imagine how i got my self into that car with my cousins

After The Prayer

We head back to my house and started to ask forgiveness from each other.
My cousins and me couldn't wait to collect our DUIT RAYA. We were so excited that time and got ready to go to the beach way up near Papar where it was near my uncles village.Our journey took around 1 hour to reach to that beach.After we reached at the beach,we packed down the things from the car and load it down on the ground.We all helped each other and quickly took their cloths off and went into the salty sea.We had barbique,played games,took photos,ate and also played a contest.I took part and it was a tag of war,where we had to swim and chased each other in the water,we also made sand castles and ate finishes that was caught by my brother..Haha! funny because it was a pick-nick gathering and my brother still brings along his fishing rod. In the afternoon we got back home and by the next day my uncles,aunties,and cousins had to head back to their place because they too had to celebrate with their other side of their family.

Anyway it was really a exciting with all my cousins around coming to celebrate Raya with my family and most of the time we rearly have the time to gather up like that time. It's been years i have not gone back to Sabah,I guess maybe after i get my DEGREE then only i will see my cousins that are still there in Sabah..

Through out my whole life ,
that moment was the most Perfect Holiday Ever!
Love my family Very much!

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