Monday, September 7, 2009

On My Way Back To College

It was on the 30th of August. Just a day before my birthday, with a very upset feeling I had to leave home and head back to my college where i am staying. My bus was about to leave 10 o'clock sharp from Pudu Raya bus station. Luckily my dad was willing to send me because i told i him that would be late if i take the bus. I had my friends ticket with me, she arrived at Pudu abit earlier and manage to pursuit the driver to wait for afew minutes for me. After i arrived, my brother quickly took out a piece of paper that he was holding from home till we reached pudu. I didn't have the time to open the piece of paper that he gave to me, I just kept it inside my backpack. Before I went out of the car I kissed my dad,mum and my brother. Then i quickly rushed out and went to my friend and waited with her where the driver told us to wait. After 5 hours ride to Johor Baharu, we arrived around 4.00PM. Me and my friend had to wait for the other bus that was going at 5.00PM to Bandar Penawar. While i was waiting, I remembered that my small brother gaved me something when I was about to leave the car. I opened my backpack and searched for it. I slowly opened it and read it word by word. He wrote,

To: R.D.K.@

For all those times you stood by me,
For all the truth you made me see,
For all the joy you brought to my life,
For all the wrong that you made right,
Your the one who help me up,
Your the one who saw me through it all,
You saw the best there was in me,
You gave me faith that you belived,
I lost my faith you gave it back to me,
You stood by me and i stand up tall,
I'm gratefull for each day you gave me,
Maybe i dont know that much but i know,
That this much is true,
You were always there for me,
You've been my inspiration,
Through the lies you were the truth,
My world is a better place because of you.....

We fight, we shout, we do a lot of stuff together you make me cry.But you say the truth. You are my favorite "BROTHER" cause we've been together forever but you got to go. Just want to say "I LOVE YOU" hope you'll have a great Birthday even though we may not celebrate it.

From: ay@n

He wrote me this, I didn't expect that he was going to do something for me, because he usually doesn't. I was happy and touched with his words and how he makes me as his MENTOR in my family among my brother's. Thank you very much small brother!
I showed the letter to my friend and she said that its nice to have a brother that's willing to tell the truth about themselves. All I want to say is study well and be your self ayan,and i my self will straggle to prove to my family im not a failure.

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