Thursday, October 8, 2009



What i did during this raya. I arrived at home around 1 O'clock from my college. As usual every body wakes up early in the morning to get ready to go to the mosque to perform their Solat Aidilfitri, but i didn't sleep that night, i stayed up because i was busy doing my assignment but didn't finish them all. After my mum and dad woke up that morning i took my bath and woke my small brother up to get ready. Normally I have to help my mum clean the house before that special day come, but not this year because everything was done and helped by my small brother. So all i did was make up messes in my room. After everyone took thier bath we drove the car and we out the house around 7.45am. The mosque was quite full and we took our places even though it was very crouded that time. We finished our prayer around 10 and head home. I didn't go anywhere that day. After I seek forgiveness from my family I went to my room and had my long nap till the afternoon. The next day, I went to my old work place where my manager is still working which is at Baskin's & Robins and met with afew new stuff's that was working that time. We got along and chatted with each other while waiting for my step sister which is the manager of that shop. Actually the reason i went there was just to get the internet wireless and get a few ideas for my drama "Beauty and the Beast" through the internet where I will be acting as the Beast in a few more weeks time. I know it's kindda wierd because everybody that time surely was busy spending their time with their family but i wasn't. Nevermine, I have my own goal for my life and family. After I finished with my work at Baskins and Robins, I quickly packed my stuff's and went home to have my dinner, until the next day i was invited to my friends open house at Taman Bahagia,Her friend fetched me and we went togather to her house. The next day, I was invited to another open house which stayed just near by my area.
My raya this time was not that happening but it still does'nt matter because I'm just fine with everything. I did nothing until the day i went back to my college, but still I love my Life.

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  1. wakakaka OMG I can't believe that after I saw your blog.. Nway that's good...wakakakka...