Friday, August 27, 2010

My 800 word essay "Game Tournament".

This is an article that captured my interest from a news paper New Straits Times (NST) dated on Saturday, July 17, 2010 it is entitled “Season for Competition” for gamers. This is where all the master mind of games comes to challenge their skills, knowledge, ability and wit. From this they get to compete among themselves to see who the best among the best is. For this year tournament, they are more to the field of battle. The games are Carcassonne, World of War craft, and Operation market garden. These games are more of a team game where it is played more than one player. For beginners, they usually play with computer to help them practice while touring how the game is played. This is the most exciting moment for all gamers from all over the world.

The qualifiers for the international tournament 2010 will be held around Klang Valley and in Pulau Pinang. The places are Toybox Paramount Garden Petaling Jaya Selangor, Outpost Cathay Ceinema e-Curve Mutiara Damansara KL, Cosmics Mart Mid Valley Mega Mall KL, InPlay Subang Jaya kl, Mage Café Damansara Utama Selangor, Wolf’s Game Shop Section 14 Petaling Jaya Selangor, York House Bangsar Shopping Center Penang, Borders Bookstores in Curve, Tropicana City Gardens Berjaya Times Square and Queensbay Mall Pulau Penang. From these places there will be a competition for a selection to be sent to the international tournament that will be held in Germany this year. For the qualifier there is certain date for each game. For those who were not able to perform well in July or August they still have the time to practice more and may try their luck again for the last time in September. This is done because the organizers really want to seek the best among the best players to compete not just for themselves but to prosper the name of our country in the eyes of the world. It is to show that our country does not just have intelligent people but also has moved on along with the IT that is being introduced to us by the people who created the game from other country.

How this competition is done during the qualifying in Malaysia. There are certain stages where all the contestants must go through to be qualified to join the international tournament. The stages that the contestants must go through are grouping, second round, quarter final; semi-final than came final where with their group will be selected to go the next round until the end of September. After that within those three months 30 groups will be selected and will go through the same process over again after the final qualifying round to get the best group among the 30 groups only one group will be selected to represent our country at the World Cyber Game (WCG) tournament. As we all have known last two years back tournament Malaysia proudly sent a representative named Wong Qi-Shuan only a form two student from Cempaka School manage to rank himself in the top 10 out of 52 countries. This shows how talented our citizen in the world of gaming.

In Malaysia we have tournaments going on every month in certain famous places. Like in Subang Jaya Selangor Asia Café; it is a well-known cyber café where hundreds of gamers come to play to challenge among themselves through local area network (LAN) service that is provided for the gamers so that it is easier for them to versus among them. Competitions are usually held every Tuesday after two o’clock this is to give a chance for the high school student to participate in the competition. For this type of competition usually the cyber café provides the necessary equipments and prizes. The winners usually get to train there for free to prepare themselves for other invitation or challenge from different cyber cafes.

Why World Cyber Games host an international competition. This is because of the interest that gamers have. It is not just to see their talents but also to create and improve a connection among gamers from all over the world. So there will be a huge connection among gamers that it could be called a community of itself. Such privilege of having an international tournament is an introduction to the world to the people who play games. It is shocking of how established a game duel among gamers can be. For those who are still new to these things it is never too late for them to get involved in this field of gaming.

In a nut shell, this year Malaysia will be sending a junior representative as part of commitment to develop critical thinking skills among students below 18. This is a chance for our young generation to get along with their friends from other countries in the same interest of game. This is a very good chance for them to exchange opinions and skills with each other.

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